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Adaptive learning

Most recently, we have developed a general-purpose adaptive learning system and its administrative framework, together with an example curriculum.

The Digital Health Curriculum covers the subject of the health and biology of the human body. With 150 illustrated information slides, 100 educational animations and nearly 900 illustrated gamified digital exercises.

The purpose of the Adaptive system is to provide a unique and innovative way of presenting learning materials both in self-discovery and adaptive algorithm driven mode.
In adaptive mode, the system is adaptive on an individual level, which means that it recommends learning materials/exercises to users in a manner that is never too easy (i.e. boring) and never too difficult (i.e. frustrating), providing users with a flow experience, and also offering the most effective method for mastering the curriculum.


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Smart Box
We manage one of Hungary’s most frequently visited education portal. Smart Box is an interactive exercise based digital education aid. It has around 3000 unique visitors a day. Over 5 million exercises were solved on the site during the last academic year. It contains 6,600 illustrated learning objects, 30 cognitive games and 160 educational animations for primary school children. The exercise book follows major school subjects and grades, while the cognitive games cover all cognitive skills that are essential for academic progress. The healthcare elements address topics on healthy lifestyle. www.okosdoboz.hu

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We have developed an e-learning framework together with 3000 graphical digital exercises and 25 cognitive games for MATEHETSZ, Hungary’s biggest talent management Ngo. www.csibesztura.hu
We developed a digital exercises book for Hungary’s National Educational Portal. The digital curriculum contains 10.000 graphical exercises for 6-18 year old students. www.nkp.hu
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